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This amazing email from a recent home buyer represented by Denise Breda, licensed real estate salesperson with Prudential Centennial Realty, is such a great way to end a successful year in Westchester real estate!

“I recently worked with your agent, Denise Breda, in connection with the purchase of my first home. For purposes of context, you should know that we were paired by sheer happenstance as I saw a listing online and was directed to call the general number for the Larchmon…t Prudential Centennial office. Shortly thereafter Denise returned my call and we set up an appointment for later that afternoon. We toured the home and while I didn’t like the property, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Denise. I knew from that point that I wanted her to help me find my perfect home. Throughout the entire process Denise was thorough, extremely responsive, readily available to answer my many questions, and incredibly knowledgeable about the entire process. As a first time home buyer, my biggest concern was that I wanted to feel good about the price I’d end up paying for the property. With respect to this, Denise was certainly able to allay my fears. She provided excellent guidance in a transaction that proved to be quite challenging. We were negotiating with sellers who were in the midst of a divorce; the wife had recently endured a car accident, the husband had a host of financial issues and they were trying their best to evade the negotiation process. Despite these obstacles Denise helped me remain patient and grounded, and she fully represented my interests while negotiating with the sellers. I was very happy to end up getting the house for even less than I was willing to pay.

I am very grateful to have worked with Denise (who happens to now be my neighbor) and would absolutely recommend her to family and friends.”

‪#‎Congratulations‬ to the our new homeowner!

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Out of the Wilderness: The Emergence of Eastchester

 The first book ever to be published on the history of Eastchester NY will be available in 2014 to mark “Keeping the Covenant,” the 350th Anniversary Celebration. Titled Out of the Wilderness: The Emergence of Eastchester, Tuchahoe, and Bronxville, it will trace turning points and major events in the development of Eastchester.

The book is a hard-cover, coffee table-style book and combines extensive color and black and white images, old and new maps, custom graphics with engaging, well-documented chapters rooted in extensive research.

Topics in this beautiful new publication include:

·          The town’s most treasured document, the 1665 Covenant that governed Eastchester’s first settlers.

·          The horror of life in the Neutral Zone during the Revolution.

·          The community altering changes brought about by the arrival of two railroad lines.

·          The exponential growth and dramatic ethnic change of the Roaring Twenties.

·          Anne Hutchinson, Eastchester’s first white settler.

·          The famous and controversial 1733 election on the Eastchester Green.

·          The impact of the Civil War on this northern community.

·          The significance of the town’s two river borders and their parkways.

·          The school districts as they came of age during the early twentieth century.

·          The importance of early twentieth century sports and athletics to the town.

·          The deprivations and recovery efforts of the Great Depression.

·          Slavery and African-American life in Eastchester before the twentieth century.

·          The factors that reduced the size of colonial Eastchester and led to the three separate but interconnected municipalities of today.

Against the backdrop of the communities’ shared past and the progress of the nation, this tome highlights Eastchester’s remarkable story with fresh insights and newly discovered information. This once-in-350 years volume consists of more than 300 pages written by a team of local volunteers – local historians, lawyers, teachers, and writers who were led by Eastchester Town Historian Richard Forliano and Bronxville Village Historian Eloise L. Morgan.

Eastchester has a rich heritage that encompasses its people, customs, characters, and challenges. It is a beautiful place to live and work and raise a family. At Prudential Centennial Realty, we understand our rich heritage and look forward to a future that is just as rich. If we can be of assistance in helping you find the perfect Eastchester NY Home for sale, contact our experienced management team. We are here 7 days a week to help you become a part of the future of Eastchester.

Thomas Paine was a preeminent founder of the United States of America and one of the most influential political, philosophical, and social figures of the American Revolution. The Thomas Paine Cottage was the last home Paine lived in before he died. The 300 acre farm had been seized from Frederick DeVeaux, a loyalist who was captured during a battle in Mamaroneck, taken to White Plains to be tried, and later banished to Nova Scotia, Canada. The property was presented to Paine in 1784 by the act of the New York State Legislature for his services during the Revolutionary War.

The Thomas Paine Cottage Museum contains a few of the actual artifacts that were once owned by Thomas Paine: a simple chair and a cast iron stove given to him by Benjamin Franklin. The Cottage is located on the last two acres of the original 300 acre farm. The site is also home to the Sophia Brewester One-room Schoolhouse, the oldest free-standing school in New Rochelle.

The front room of the Cottage is used as a hands-on activity room for school groups and special programs. It is set up to show what life was like during the 1700’s. Some of the artifacts are original and some are reproductions. One of the upstairs bedchambers boasts a 19th century rope bed, trundle bed, nightstand, Bible and spectacles, washstand, and hand-woven coverlet.

Other rooms with permanent exhibits include one that reflects the Huguenot settlement of New Rochelle, and our local history during the Revolutionary War. Another room exhibits our native Siwanoy Indians, the Civil War, the formation of local police and fire departments, famous people from New Rochelle, and lots more.

Why not spend an afternoon experiencing all that the Thomas Paine Cottage Museum has to offer. A knowledgeable guide will take you on a personal tour and will answer all of your questions.

The Cottage Schedule:

Thursdays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturdays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sundays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Suggested Donation:

Adults: $5.00

Children under 12: $3.00

Contact Information:

20 Sicard Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10804

Phone: (914) 633-1776


With its rich history, New Rochelle is a wonderful place to live. At Prudential Centennial Realty, we are experts at matching homes to families. Contact us today and let our experienced management team help you find the cottage of your dreams.

Tech Tips for Larchmont NY Students

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Tech Tips for Larchmont Students

With school back in session, keeping your information and devices safe is a high priority. Here are a few important tech tips to keep in mind to help avoid losing school-related documents and personal information:

In the world of computers, there is nothing worse than suffering a hard-drive crash because of a virus or power surge and losing all of your work. Unless it’s realizing there is no back-up. It’s critical for students to back up all of their important files.

An external hard-drive is an excellent solution to the problem of losing data, but students can also take advantage of free cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, icloud, or Dropbox that can be uploaded to PC or tablet files. Once they are uploaded to a password-protected locker they can be accessed from multiple devices anywhere in the world.

Be careful when using public Wi-Fi or “hot spots” since they aren’t as secure as you might think.

These open Wi-Fi connections are fine for filing essays, checking social media feeds, and reading emails, but it’s not a good idea to use them for online banking or shopping.

Understand that although some Wi-Fi networks seem legitimate with names such as University Connection or Coffee Shop Free, criminals can create rogue networks that look legitimate when they are actually there to defraud unsuspecting students. When in doubt, check with the establishment to confirm their official network name.

Hotspot Shield is downloadable free virtual private network software to help you surf anonymously. You can also bring your own cellular network by using your smart-phone to create a personal hot spot, which is more secure than public Wi-Fi. But you may be charged for data by your carrier.

College students should also be sure to use safeguards to remotely lock, wipe clean, or locate a missing smartphone or tablet with free apps like Android Device Manager, Find My Phone, BlackBerry Protect, and Find My iPhone. All of these apps let you see where your phone or tablet is so you can inform authorities.

Attending college in is an exciting time. If you or someone you know is thinking of settling down in Larchmont, let our friendly, knowledgeable staff at Prudential Centennial Realty help. Contact us 7 days a week.

Make Your Scarsdale NY Home More Energy Efficient

Energy efficient homes conserve energy by reducing unnecessary energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while saving money on utility bills. Making your Scarsdale NY home more energy efficient doesn’t require lots of money out of pocket.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure the insulation is sufficient. If it isn’t, you could be paying too much in heating and cooling bills. Weather stripping and other insulating techniques could possibly save hundreds of dollars per year.

The windows in your home can cause loss of cool air during the summer months, and loss of heat during the winter months. Double panel windows with vinyl frames are much more efficient than single panel windows with aluminum frames. Tinting your windows and keeping your blinds open to let in the light are inexpensive ways to improve your windows’ energy efficiency.

If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs, consider switching to fluorescent. They are a little pricier up front, but since they last up to 12 times longer than incandescent bulbs, you will save money in the long run.

If you are in the market for new appliances, look for those that have the HE logo. As with fluorescent bulbs, Energy Star certified appliances may cost a little more in the beginning, but since they use less energy, they will save you money over time.

Installing a programmable thermostat can cut down energy usage. When you’re away, set the thermostat to a higher temperature in the summer months and a lower temperature in the cooler months. A programmable thermostat doesn’t cost much and can usually pay for itself in a few months.

Make sure your water heater is set between 120° and 130°F, and use low-flow fixtures in showers and baths. Switch off unused gadgets since they continue to consume power even when not in use.

When looking for electricity rates in Scarsdale, it’s important to shop around, and Electricity

Scout can help. They offer an extensive review of electricity companies in our area to aid you in finding the top electricity company.

Creating an energy efficient home in Scarsdale NY isn’t difficult; making just a few changes adds up to big savings. But if you are in the market for a newer energy efficient home, contact our experienced team of professionals at Prudential Centennial Realty. We will help you find the best home for your buck.

A Piece of Cake

Planning the Perfect Children’s Party in Scarsdale

Planning a birthday party and keeping a group of kids entertained and happy for a few hours can make even the most accomplished parent want to pull her hair out. But you don’t have to throw the party of the year to make it an unforgettable event. With a little planning and organization, it is possible to get through the day without tousling even one hair.

A successful party consists of four elements: FIRST ACT, MAIN EVENT, REFRESHMENTS, and PARTY IS OVER. Write down ideas for each element, giving yourself about a half an hour for each one.

The FIRST ACT is an activity that gets the children involved the moment they walk through the door. A box of dress-ups that fit the theme of the party, or a big birthday banner for kids to sign their names or draw pictures can entertain them until everyone arrives.

The MAIN EVENT should keep the children engaged. You can plan this part yourself, or you can call a party organizer to take the pressure off. Fun Craft in Scarsdale offers Party Planning as Easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Book It! Select an available date and time.
  2. Confirm it! They will call you three days before your event to iron out the party details.
  3. Enjoy it! On the day of your party, your job is to have just as much fun as your kids.

REFRESHMENTS traditionally mean ice cream and cake, but there is no rule set in stone that says they have to be traditional. Finger foods like chicken nuggets or fruit kabobs, finger sandwiches cut with cookie cutters, or colorful donuts add a pizzazz to your child’s party. Piñatas are popular with children of all ages. But unlike adults, most kids don’t attend parties for the food, so don’t spend too much time on this one.

A terrific way to signal the PARTY IS OVER is with a general thanks to the group and letting them know they can pick up a goodie bag as they leave.

Whether you plan the party yourself or use a party planner, your child is bound to have a memorable day.

Scarsdale has so much to offer families. At Prudential Centennial Realty, we are here to help you find the home of your dreams. Contact us today, and let the party begin!

Fall Landscaping Tips for Your Westchester NY Real Estate

It may seem strange, but a lot of the landscapes we admire during the warmer months require planning during in the fall. Flowering bulbs can add flashes of unexpected color and variety to your landscape, and they are pretty easy to grow. From daffodils and tulips to dahlias and geraniums, bulbs produce some of the biggest and most colorful blooms with the least amount of effort.

Sometimes bulbs are sold in mixes with a variety of colors, heights, and times of bloom. You can also purchase bulbs separately to create your own color scheme. Where bulbs are concerned, the plumper the better because they tend to have more blooms than smaller bulbs.

To plant your bulbs, till the bed and remove rocks, roots, and weeds, then amend the soil with three to four inches of compost. Spread a granular bulb fertilizer on the planting area.

Space the bulbs evenly apart and stagger them to give the blooms a more natural look. A good rule of thumb for planting your bulbs is to place them in a hole three times as deep as the bulb’s greatest diameter. Be sure to put the root end down. Cover with soil and compost and water the bed well.

For a longer burst of color, plant two types of bulbs on top of each other in the same bed. Dig the bed to the depth of the larger bulbs, and plant and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Plant the smaller bulbs on top and cover to the soil line.

If you are looking for spring and summer blooming bulbs, Westchester is home to several outstanding plant nurseries and garden centers:


  • Larchmont
    • Frank’s Nursery
  • Mamaroneck
    • Garden Solutions, Inc.
    • Mamaroneck Gardens, Inc.
    • Mangone’s Garden Center
  • New Rochelle
    • Cherry Lawn Farm
    • Cooper’s Corner Nursery
    • Lieb’s Greenhouses
    • Mario Bulfamante & Sons
    • Roma Landscape Enterprises, Inc.
  • Scarsdale
    • Sprainbrook Nursery, Inc.
    • Ramsey Farms
    • Simply The Best
  • White Plains
    • Amodio’s Garden Center and Flower
    • Cherry Lawn Market
    • Gedney Farms Nursery
    • Green Lawn Center
    • Michael & Sons Nurseries, Inc.
    • Prospero Nursery
    • Tanglewood Gardens


If you are looking for a home, Westchester NY Real Estate offers some of the most beautiful places to live. Contact us here at Prudential Centennial Realty and let us help you find the right place to bloom.


Fall Giveaway for Westchester NY

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Even if you’re not looking for a Scarsdale NY Home for Sale or a Larchmont NY Home for Sale, stop into either office and enter for a chance to win a 55″ Samsung SmartTV!

Scarsdale office is located at 4 Chase Road, Scarsdale – in the heart of Scarsdale Village! Our Larchmont office is located at 140 Chatsworth Avenue — right next to Nicky’s Pizza.

We look forward to meeting you.

You can also email your name, town and email address if you can’t stop by our offices!

Drawing will be held October 7.  Entry forms must be received by October 6. 

Calling All Dog Lovers…

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Pets Alive Hosts the Third Annual Tail Wagger Dog Walk

The 2014 Tail Wagger Dog Walk is the third annual dog walk benefitting Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary. In its first two years, it raised over $20,000 thanks to their sponsors, vendors, and walkers. Year three is shaping up to be the best yet. The funds directly benefit the animals in Pets Alive’s no-kill sanctuary.

All dogs must be on non-retracting leashes and need to be up to date with their shots. Your dog(s) should be comfortable around strangers and other animals. This is the perfect outing for you, your family, and your precious pooch(es) to get your heart pumping and raise money to help the animals at Pets Alive.

There will be terrific shopping opportunities with a wide variety of vendors and sponsors that offer great products.

Thomas Bull Memorial Park 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Campbell Hall, NY

Group Picnic Area

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Registration begins at 10:00 am

Walk begins at 11:00 am

To become a sponsor:

Presenting/Top Dog Sponsor: $2,500

All advertising materials shown as “Presented by”:

  • Tail Wagger Dog Walk signage
  • Tail Wagger Dog Walk event online advertising
  • Schedule of events
  • Predominantly displayed on the back of event tee-shirt; deadline September 26, 2014

In addition to:

  • Link to your company website on the event page of the Pets Alive website
  • Insert sample/promotional materials in participants’ goodie/doggie bags
  • Vendor table space
  • 6 complementary Tail Wagger Dog Walk tee-shirts

Leader of the Pack Sponsor: $1,000

Company name listed on:

  • Tail Wagger Dog Walker signage
  • Schedule of events
  • The back of event tee-shirt; deadline September 26, 2014

In addition to:

  • Link to your company website on the event page of the Pets Alive website
  • Insert sample/promotional materials in participants’ goodie/doggie bags
  • Vendor table space
  • 4 complimentary Tail Wagger Dog Walk tee-shirts

Best in Show:  $500

Company name listed on:

  • Tail Wagger Dog Walk signage
  • The back of event tee-shirt; deadline September 26, 2014

In addition to:

  • Link to your company website on the event page of the Pets Alive website
  • Insert sample/promotional materials in participants’ goodie/doggie bags
  • Vendor table space
  • 2 complimentary Tail Wagger Dog Walk tee-shirts

Furry Friend Sponsor: $100

Company name listed on:

  • Tail Wagger Dog Walk signage
  • The event page of the Pets Alive website

In-Kind Sponsor:

  • Pets Alive incurs many expenses for this event, and gladly welcomes donations from in-kind sponsors to help alleviate these costs. If your company might be able to assist, please contact Mary (

For your in-kind sponsorship donation, your name will be listed on:

  • Tail Wagger Dog Walk signage
  • The event page of the Pets Alive website
  • The back of event tee-shirt, deadline September 26, 2014

Become a vendor:

Become a vendor at the 2014 Pets Alive Tail Wagger Dog Walk? All vendors/exhibitors will be charged $45

Prudential Centennial Realty is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Pets Alive Tail Wagger Dog Walk

Heading off to college for the first time can be a little intimidating and a whole lot scary. But despite the fear, a little knowledge and a bit of planning can make that first year exciting.

  1.  Check out the College Website: There you will find the campus calendar, college rules and regulations, and course syllabuses to help you learn more about each class before choosing your schedule
  2. Get to Orientation: You will learn your way around campus, and about the services your college offers. You may also be able to sign up for your courses.
  3. Choose Your Hardware: Tablets and IPads are popular, but a good laptop will make it easier to take notes and write papers. You will also want a device that uses Word and Excel.
  4. Get Your Books: Websites like, www.bigwords, and www., E-books, book rentals, and used copies can help you save on textbooks.
  5. “Friend” Your Roommate: Learn about your roommate’s interests and hobbies using email or a social media site like Facebook.
  6. Get a Checkup: See your family doctor, make an appointment with the eye doctor, and don’t forget to have your pearly whites cleaned and polished.
  7. Get Your Car Checked: Changing the oil, checking the tires, and taking care of any necessary repairs will help ensure you don’t have to worry about breakdowns if you commute to school.
  8. Have the Talk: Finances, that is. Talk to your parents about what is expected where money is concerned. Are you expected to keep a certain grade point average? Are you expected to hold down a part-time job? This talk will help sidestep lots of grief on down the road.
  9. RELAX: Take a little time to unwind from summer and worries about college. That way you will arrive at school rested and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Westchester has a number of colleges to meet the needs of a wide diversity of students.

If you would like more information about what Westchester has to offer, contact us at Prudential Centennial Realty. We want to help you feel comfortable with the changes making a move requires.

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