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The History of Scarsdale

Caleb Heathcote purchased land at the end of the 17th century that would become Scarsdale. The first local census included twelve inhabitants.

During the American Revolution, the town saw fighting when the Continental and British armies clashed briefly at what is now the junction of Garden Road and Mamaroneck Road. The farmhouse on Garden Road that British commander Sir William Howe lodged at still stands.

By the time of the first Federal Census in 1790, the population had grown from the original twelve to 281. By 1840, the number had declined to 255. When the New York and Harlem Railroad connected Scarsdale to New York City, the town again began to grow.

In 1891, the Arthur Suburban Home Company purchased a 150-acre farm and converted it into a development of single-family dwellings, thus beginning Scarsdale’s transformation from rural to suburban. It wasn’t long before civil institutions began appearing: the Heathcote Association and the Town Club (1904), Scarsdale High School and Greenacres Elementary School (1917), the Scarsdale Women’s Club and the Edgewood Elementary School (1918), and the Scarsdale League of Women (1921). The first store in Scarsdale opened in 1912. By 1915 the population approached 3000. By 1930, that number was close to 10,000. Heathcote School, the last of the town’s five elementary schools opened in 1954.

New York City publisher S. Spencer Scott raised $100,000 in 1951 to move Scarsdale’s public library from historic Wayside Cottage where it had been located since 1928 to its present location on the White Plains Post Road. It opened with 27,000 books.

The landmark United States Supreme Court decision, ACLU vs Scarsdale (1985) established the so-called “reindeer rule” and upheld the right of local religious groups to place crèches on public property.

Today Scarsdale is one of the most historic villages in the country. With an enviable combination of good schools, low crime, college-educated neighbors, and a high rate of home ownership, Scarsdale is a solid, family-friendly community.

If you would like to live in a community where education is top-notch, the history is rich, family is important, and community spirit is alive and well, Scarsdale is the place for you. Let our friendly management team here at Prudential Centennial Realty help you find the home of your dreams. We are here 7 days a week and have over 60 years of experience. Call us today.

Mamaroneck an Exciting Place to Live

The village of Mamaroneck is located 23 miles from Midtown Manhattan. It is in a 30-mile watershed at the confluence of the Mamaroneck and Sheldrake Rivers.

On summer weekends, the water is the focus of many who enjoy boating and other water sports.  The 45-acre Harbor Island Park, along the water at the foot of Mamaroneck Avenue is a favorite of families wishing to spend time at the beach. For some, the water is the main reason for buying a home and settling down in Mamaroneck.

There are two public school districts: Mamaroneck has four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school serving half of Mamaroneck Village and all of neighboring Larchmont. The Rye Neck Union Free School District has two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The schools offer excellent educations to their students, and high school students consistently score high on the SAT.

The 7:22 A.M. Metro-North Railroad express train arrives at Grand Central Station in 38 minutes. The drive to NYC takes approximately 35 minutes.

Mamaroneck is a nice, friendly town,  perfect for family life.  If you are considering settling down in Mamaroneck, let us help you find the perfect home. We have over 30 years’ experience in Westchester NY real estate. Our management team here at Prudential Centennial Realty is available 7 days a week. Call us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Eastchester, New York: a Great Place to Live

Money Magazine ranked Eastchester 27th on the magazine’s annual “Top 100 Best Places to Live” list in 2007. With its beautiful, calm, tree-lined streets, Eastchester provides a refuge for commuters.

Eastchester offers amenities of city living such as an uptown shopping district that includes popular stores like Ann Taylor LOFT, Old Navy, Brooks Brothers, and American Eagle. Plenty of restaurants, paved sidewalks, a wide variety of housing options, easy access to New York City and neighboring towns make living in Eastchester a wonderful experience.

Community pride is focused on family, and each of Eastchester’s villages has its own school district that offers students a top-notch education. Sarah Lawrence College and Concordia College also are within the town’s borders.

The village of Eastchester is divided into a variety of communities and neighborhoods, each with a wide assortment of homes from contemporary to Colonial, from condos to apartments and townhouses.

In the 1920’s and 30’s, Eastchester was known as the “cradle of American golf,” and was home to golf legends like Will MacFarland and Johnny Farrell. Today, the exclusive Lake Isle community is home to the Lake Isle Country Club with tennis courts, a pool complex and a par-70, 19-hole championship golf course.

There are several parks, including Bronx River Parkway that offer bike paths and hiking trails for those who live to be outdoors.

Travel to Grand Central Station on the Metro-North Railroad with stops in Bronxville, Tuckahoe, Scarsdale and Crestwood stations takes 35 minutes.

If you are considering a move to Eastchester in the near future, contact us here at Prudential Centennial Realty. We will make your shopping experience an exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. With over 60 years of experience in Westchester NY real estate, our management team is available 7 days a week and is still run by our original ownership. Contact us today.


Opportunity to design the home of your dreams!

Ideally located in Fox Meadow this New Construction home is a short walk to railroad, school and Village.  Choose your finishes, quality appointments, custom moldings, a high end gourmet kitchen and all of the details that will make your house a home.

This home will be designed with every possible luxury for the discerning buyer!  For inquiries please contact Iris Kalt for further details.

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Hot Open Houses in New Rochelle This Weekend!

After representing her clients in the sale of their apartment, Andrea also represented them in the purchase of their new home!

See below what they expressed to Mark Nadler,  Principal RE Broker of Prudential Centennial Realty.

Dear Mark,
My wife and I wanted to write you about our experience with Andrea Markowitz. Andrea was our agent for the sale of our coop and the purchase of our home. Our coop was an extremely tough sell in this market and while it took sometime Andrea was constantly working to keep our property in the forefront of people’s searches and worked any angle possible from Networking to Craigslist. We had several offers fall through due to buyer funding issues but each time Andrea stayed in contact with all parties involved to give the deal any possible chance of success. It took some time but thanks to her guidance and perseverance we got to the table. When we looked to immediately buy after sale and Andrea worked around our schedule to show us houses. She did a great job of suggesting and showing us houses we saw online. Andrea had a great line the process that sums up the type of agent she is; “it’s my job to manage your expectations.” She certainly did that while providing valuable insight.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the nightmare we had purchasing our home. It was 5 months from signed contract till closing. Andrea, the entire did everything possible to get us to closing. She did this even though we were at times emotional and angry about the situation. I truly believe she kept the deal alive by again working with all parties involved including the town building department. It was great having Andrea in our corner, when it seemed like things would go south on the house we wanted.

The bottom line is it doesn’t just feel like we got a real estate agent, we found a friend who always kept our best interests in mind. She’s the type of real estate agent you should never second guess having perspective clients meet with. After all we didn’t specifically get referred to Andrea, she was “assigned” to meet with us, and for that we are thankful.

Kim and Chris

See what Andrea can do for you!



Scarsdale, NY Now That’s One Smooth Move

 Let’s face it, moving is hard work.  Finding your home with a Prudential Centennial professional realtor can be fun and easy – but the actual move itself rarely is.  It’s a LOT of well-worth-it work.

There are so many wonderful reasons to move to Westchester, NY, and Scarsdale has a lot of them – right at your fingertips!  Great food, shopping, safe neighborhoods and its  schools!  Even with the best of intentions in mind for your family, many times the transition can be difficult for your child.

Making a Smooth Transition to Your New Home

For your children, moving means a whole new neighborhood, new friends, new school….so many new things to be nervous about.  We understand how difficult this can be.  But, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your child transitions well.

Understand Your Child’s Ability to Change

The key to success it to understand how well your child handles change.  Children do not act or re-act the same as adults do.  How your child reacts to his new home and neighborhood is largely dependent on his/her general temperament and personality-style.

For instance, if you have an easy going child that sort of “rolls with the punches”, you will have noticed early on that he/she is very adaptive.  He may move from classroom to classroom or situation to situation well.  Perhaps there is no fuss with parties, play dates, errands, or whatever the day may bring.  Chances are this child we not require a lot of preparation, beyond normal common sense, before he enters a new neighborhood and school.

However, if your child has shown difficulty with change in the past, a move may take some extra effort on your part.  Listen to their concerns, support him/her in a positive manner and be understanding of all of their feelings.  Preparing your kids for the move will play an equally important role in how well they transition over time.  Preparation takes practice!  Practicing ahead of time will help your child become familiar with the new situation without needing to add fear to those first few days at a new school.

There are a number of easy ways to “practice” this process.

1.      Practice the route to the school bus or school, and back home again, together.  Knowing the trip in advance will help your child feel more in control and comfortable with the “new” place he is going

2.      Visit the school in advance.  Most schools are open to children meeting their teachers and administrators in advance.  Walk through the school together – several times if need be.  Be sure your child knows how to get to his classroom, the office, lunchroom, gym and the outdoor play areas

3.      Help your child socialize with school personnel.  Plug into the PTA or a parents network at your new school to seek out school staff that are outgoing and friendly.  Your encounters should be brief, and your child may not have much to say, but feeling like he already has a “friend” will make his first day a lot easier

4.      Practice socializing with new families in the neighborhood.  Joining the local religious or community center is an easy, stress-free way to meet other families in the area.  A new friend or neighborhood family may be just the thing that your child needs in his new world.  Kids’ relationships form quickly and are very portable, such as from the living room or back yard, right to the classroom.

When you are all facing a tough transition to a new home, neighborhood, school or workplace, remember it’s not impossible.  No matter how anxious you may be, a little preparation will go a long way.   And, keep in mind, your children won’t be the new kids in class or in the neighborhood forever, a transition, by definition is temporary.

At Prudential Centennial Realty, we understand how difficult the process of moving can be, and we’re here to help.  Our experienced staff can help you pick the location that best suits your family’s needs.   Contact us today, or view our extensive listings on line.  Smooth moves are our business!

New Rochelle, NY Commercial Building Increase Projected

Westchester County, NY is benefitting from the positive momentum of the real estate market, but not just for residential realty.

A healthier economy in the US combined with the international economy returning to more traditional growth levels are factoring into a projected increase in growth for the design and construction industry.  Led by the hotel and retail project categories, the commercial sector projections are calling for the largest gains in several years. The American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) surveyed the nation’s leading construction forecasters, and found that spending projections for 2014 will increase 5.8%, with 2015 projections rising to an impressive 8%.

“Since the overall economy is stabilizing, there should be a significant improvement in the outlook for the construction industry that has been recovering at a slow and steady pace the last two years,” said AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. “At a more granular level, the surging housing market, growing commercial property values, and declining office and retail vacancies are all contributing to what is expected to amount to much greater spending on nonresidential building projects.”

Market Segment Consensus Growth Forecasts 2014 2015
Overall nonresidential building 5.8% 8.0%
Commercial / industrial 10.3% 10.8%
Hotels 13.1% 9.2%
Retail 10.5% 11.5%
Office buildings 9.2% 10.8%
Industrial facilities 7.8% 8.7%
Institutional 3.4% 6.3%
Amusement / recreation 9.9% 7.5%
Healthcare facilities 5.2% 7.8%
Education 2.8% 5.8%
Public safety -0.2% 3.1%
Religious -1.7% 1.3%

With increased commercial development comes more jobs and greater stability for residents in the many communities of Westchester County.  Many communities will see a significant investment on the local level in new economic development projects.  It is because of this development and the stability all residents can appreciate that there is no better time to consider moving to New Rochelle, NY.  Visit our website to learn more about how you can be a part of the New Rochelle community – detailed home listings are available to view.  Or, contact Prudential Centennial Realty to tour a home right away.


Source: American Institute of Architects

Family Time in Scarsdale, NY

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Parental Controls on TV

Westchester County Schools are among the best in the nation. Small class sizes give teachers the opportunity to dedicate more time and attention to individual students. School districts here recognize the value of investing in education. The return on their investment is a high ratio of college-bound students, and documented test results that have helped set Westchester County Schools apart from other schools in the state and nation.

Exceptional school districts, in conjunction with lots of family friendly activities have families flocking to communities in Westchester, NY.

A certain part of nearly every family’s entertainment includes watching television and movies.  Today there are literally hundreds of channels available with many cable systems.  This can be overwhelming and downright concerning when you think about your young kids or teenagers at home watching TV.  No fear is necessary however, because Parental Controls are available and easy to use!

With an increasing number of TV channels and programs coming into our homes every day, it can be hard for parents to monitor what your kids are watching while you are away. Many parents are concerned about their young children watching programs with content including violence, crude humor or even sexual content.  The fact is that just isn’t suitable for your children.  Fortunately understanding and using the parental controls on your TV can make it easy to be sure that your children are only watching programming that you approve of.

The first thing you need to know about and understand is the TV rating system.  The television industry designed a TV ratings system to give parents more information about the content and age-appropriateness of TV programs. These ratings, called the TV Parental Guidelines, are modeled after the familiar movie ratings, which parents have known and valued for decades. They are designed to be easily recognizable and simple to use. The guidelines apply to most television programs, including those directed specifically to young children. Keep in mind however, sports and news shows do not carry these guidelines. The guidelines appear in the upper left corner of the TV screen at the beginning of TV shows, and often again after commercial breaks.  There are 7 audience labels ranging from “Y” for all children, to “MA” for mature audiences to help you find the age appropriate level to set your controls to.  Additionally, there is a content rating directly under the audience rating.  The content rating provides additional information about the program’s contents.  There are 5 content ratings that provide insight to the content associated with the upcoming program.  These include “V” for violence, “L” for language and “FV” for fantasy violence.

All televisions 13 inches or larger manufactured after 2000 are equipped with a V-Chip.  The V-Chip is a device that allows parents to block programming they don’t want their children to have access to.  The V-Chip electronically reads television program ratings, and using the V-Chip technology parents can block specific channels, block by ratings, or block by content. Adult channels can be taken off of the guide completely. Activating your V-Chip is easy. Check your TV’s on-screen menu options or your owner’s manual for instructions.  If you have additional questions or need more detailed directions, look up your television brand online to determine how to set parental controls to the level in which you feel comfortable.

Purchasing a home for sale in Westchester NY means a quick and easy commute, and more time to spend relaxing with your family.  If you are tired of a long commute and want a better quality of life that affords the opportunity to enjoy movies at home, contact a professional realtor at Prudential Centennial Realty today.  There are many Scarsdale homes for sale to peruse 24/7 on our website too.

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